Best Traditional Restaurant in Lastovo

Traditional cuisine enriched with organic and local produce.

Best Traditional Restaurant in Lastovo

Free Yacht Docking in Lastovo For Resturant Guests

All Augusta Insula guests who visit Lastovo Island can use our dock free of charge. Docking includes standard marine equipment. Electricity and water supply may be subject to a fee. Be our guests and we’ll take care of the rest!

Best sea restaurant Korcula

Vegetables are freshly and organically grown in our family garden or purchased from small local farms.

Domestic food, own-grown vegetables, fresh fish

Following the recipes of our ancestors and using organically grown produce, we passionately serve Lastovo’s best Mediterranean fish and meat dishes. We focus on unique culinary experience which can be uncovered only at the picturesque Zaklopatica bay of Lastovo.

Authentic Croatian cuisine

Family run tavern brings together the very best secret flavours and savours of the Lastovo Island and Mediterranean sea.

Our Autochthonous Wine

Red wine Augusta Insula owes its special flavor and aroma to the island's distinctive vineyards. It is made from Plavac Mali, named for the small blue fruit the vines produce. Plavac Mali is an indigenous Dalmatian grape sort so this wine is warm, full and rich in taste. Plavac Mali is of dark ruby color, with a rich bouquet and specific aroma. Considering that this is a dry wine, it complements fried fish, risottos, meat and many other meals. White wine Augusta Insula is made from Maraština or Rukatac. Maraština (Rukatac) is of specific yellow to gold-yellow color, fine aroma, full and very harmonious taste. The light golden color and harmonious flavor of this wine perfectly illustrate the climate that gave birth to it. This high-quality white dry wine of a very pleasant aroma with full taste perfectly compliments seafood dishes and roast meats.

Top seafood restaurant Lastovo

Augusta insula is the most loved seafood restaurant on the Adriatic. Enjoy fresh food and complimentary docking for your ship

Delicious Adriatic Specialities

Fish menu

We highly recommend trying out a lobster from the depths of the Lastovo waters, prepared according to traditional recipes. Other popular fish dishes include dentext, scorpion fish, scampi, and more. Our fish comes in fresh throughout the day.

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Traditional barbecue "peka" dome

"Peka" is a traditional barbeque dish in Dalmatia. Fish or meat is carefully placed under a bell/dome and covered in hot charcoal for hours. This is the experience you will take home forever!